About JC

Joe CollinsHi there, I'm Joe Collins and I am the owner of JCPromotion.

I’ve worked in the media and entertainment world for almost 30 years and in this time I have worked with BBC, BDA (British Deaf Association) and I co-founded the first Deaf led organisation (Deaf Owls) to produce TV company.

At the end of the last decade, I became that since the 1980’s there had been a lack of social and leisure events for Deaf people in Britain, which led me to decide to start my own business in the way of a promotion company called JCPromotions, shortly after this I agreed a deal to bring ‘SignMark’ who is the worlds most revered deaf rapper to Britain holding a massive show in the HMV Forum in the heart of London.

Shortly after this JCPromotion was asked to arrange the entertainment for the EDDJ, running 4 nights of entertainment for over 800 deaf people which has been running for over four years with Butlins around the UK.

After the success of these events, we felt there was definitely a demand for more Cabaret events for Deaf people in the UK. I met with Steve Webb from D-Live a Deaf run Theatre company that produces specialist theatre productions, and we devised the concept for a Cabaret show featuring Deaf performers, but aimed at BOTH Deaf and hearing audiences. We applied for funding from The Arts Council, and eventually were granted funds to start our new concept; D-LIVE, a Deaf Cabaret experience. We set doing what we do best here at JC Promotions, we promoted this new show for two nights at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, the first night there were 93 people – and the second night we were sold out at 160 with people still wanting to come in!

We took a step back and realised this is what JC Promotions is all about. D-Live are now running a successful number of dates all over the UK which is exciting for us to be a part of.

We aim to provide a quality personal service, whilst keeping in line with where we originated inside the deaf community.

JC Promotions has a number of streams yet to explore and many exciting projects and events yet to come.

Will we end up working with you?

Joe Collins
Founder - Owner