Deafinfo 2017 – Better Lives, Health and Futures

A one-day exhibition to raise awareness of products and services suitable for Deaf people aged 50 and over, who use British Sign Language.

Part of Deaf UK 50+, a week-long holiday, with a 500-strong audience expected.

Wednesday 27th September 2017 at Butlins, Minehead.

Access this hard-to-reach group face-to-face to raise awareness of your products and services, generate leads and conduct sales, via the following options:

  1. Welcome bag - enclose leaflets and small merchandise in the welcome bag to raise awareness of your products/services - £50.
  2. DeafInfo Sponsorship – make a donation towards the cost of running the event and we will include your logo in all DeafInfo promotional material and JC Promotion website, you can display banners/adverts at the exhibition, as well as item 1 above - £75.
  3. Small business hub – make a donation towards the cost of a small deaf business exhibiting, something which they would not be able to afford otherwise, as well as item 1 above - £75.
  4. Presentation –a limited number of 30-minute presentation slots are available throughout the day, which can be used to launch new products and services or report research findings to this audience - £150.
  5. Exhibit – hire a stall for the day for £150 for a single stall or £250 for a double-width stall.
  6. DUK50+ Sponsorship – sponsor DUK50+ for the week and you can display banners/adverts in the main entertainment room, your logo will be included on DUK50+ Facebook page (over 1,000 viewers) and promotional material, as well as items 1 and 5 (single stall) above - £750+.

You may select any combination of these options. Contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas.

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